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Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival launches in Los Angeles June 11

Summer season is concert season. That means that the Wander Crew is gearing up for a lot of festivals, concerts and tours in the next few months. While one of our editors is heading to Outsidelands in San Francisco, and another is covering San Diego festivals, we are all letting our Sanrio-loving selves get super excited for Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival, launching in Los Angeles on June 11.

For those of you who are unaware, Hello Kitty isn’t just for little girls anymore. We loved getting to know all of Hello Kitty’s universe at Hello Kitty Con earlier this year, and her friends of all ages came together to enjoy the fancy free fun that comes with Hello Kitty and her fantastic friends. Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival will be a great way to dive right back into that world.

Going beyond a traditional live stage show, Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival offers a unique multi-component walk-around festival atmosphere for Sanrio fans of all ages.

If you are looking for a Keroppi purse, a Badtz-Maru blouse, or even some Pochacco, you’ll be able to grab one in between the live interactive shows, photo ops, and a few Sanrio surprises. Fans are invited to put on their finest Hello Kitty gear, and enjoy all of the elements that the Friendship Festival has to offer, such as:

  • DJ-driven dance segments with KRU HK dancers.
  • Hello Kitty and friends “in concert” with both characters and live singers and KRU HK dancers.
  • Larger-than-life Hello Kitty product photo opportunities.
  • Hello Kitty temporary tattoos.
  • Lounge areas to relax and charge your mobile devices.
  • Fashion Lane – view high fashion couture pieces inspired by Hello Kitty and friends.
  • Art Gallery featuring works by contemporary artists.
  • Hello Kitty retro product and Japanese heritage displays.
  • Pop-up Mini Shopping Kiosks.
  • Hello Kitty Origami workshops.

There are various ticket options available, including a VIP Platinum Bow  experience that lets you take photos with Hello Kitty herself!

For tour date information, go to Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival Tour page. For more information about the Friendship Festival and all of the excitement heading your way, check out the Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival website.

Comic-Con 2014, Hello Kitty Con, and Stalker Con – A How-To Guide to Get Your Geek On

Summer is in full swing, and for hard core pop culture fanatics, that means one thing: the Cons are coming.

That’s right, Comic-Con 2014 is coming up in a few weeks, and the Wander staff is raring to go. Between checking out the main gallery, which will be chock-full of shops, art, and of course, comics, and hitting up all of our favorite panels, there’s always plenty to do at the Con.

As we mentioned last year, you can always enjoy outside events in Downtown San Diego that are affiliated with Comic-Con, so even if you don’t have tickets, you can be a part of the fun.

Let’s be honest, thought. Not everyone is going to fly down to San Diego to a sold out Comic-Con in order to just hang out at a restaurant, seething with envy as you overhear the next table over talk about their favorite exhibits.

For you folks, we have dug up some different, fun, exciting Conventions coming up that you’re bound to have fun at. Remember, these two examples are just a tiny fraction of what conventions are happening this year, so feel free to let us know what conventions you’ll be attending. Maybe we’ll see you there!

1. Hello Kitty Con

Hello Kitty Con is coming!

That’s right, Hello Kitty has her own convention.

Sanrio fangirls and fanboys can shout with glee as their favorite Kitty comes to life, bringing her pals with her to Los Angeles from October 30 to November 2, just in time for her 40th anniversary.

Taking place at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, Hello Kitty Con will give fans a full lineup of activations including the Hello Kitty Super Supermarket featuring a curated selection of vendors offering convention exclusives, products and experiences; a Hello Kitty retrospective and vintage shop selling rare collectibles from the past; integrated workshops, lectures and panel discussions; a tattoo shop; arcade; art installations; photo opportunities and more.

Attendees will also be treated to sneak peeks into upcoming projects and partnerships and can find limited edition convention-only products and global exclusives at the official Hello Kitty Con 2014 pop-up shop.

As if Hello Kitty lovers need more swag.

The exhibition will also explore fans’ emotional connection to the brand and Hello Kitty’s influence on bridging Japanese and American cultures in the U.S. Christine Yano, author of Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific, and longtime Hello Kitty fan, will curate the retrospective component of the exhibition. Jamie Rivadeneira, founder and owner of pop culture-inspired boutique JapanLA, will curate the art component.

Hello Kitty Con 2014 will coincide with Hello Kitty’s official birthday on November 1st, and will run from October 30th – November 2nd at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. A limited number of tickets are available now for purchase at Sanrio’s website.


2. Walker Stalker Con 2014

On the complete opposite spectrum of fandom fun, zombie and horror fans can enjoy guts and gore at Walker Stalker Con, which will be held in various parts of the country at various dates.

New York, Atlanta and Chicago are just a few of the spots where fans can meet up and share an opportunity to be part of a greater community of zombie lovers.

As every good convention should have, there will be several stars in attendance at the various conventions, with Josh McDermitt, Brighton Sharpino, Howard Sherman, Kyra Schon, Terry Alexander and Lori Cardille making appearances. Even David Morrissey, known for his portrayal of The Walking Dead’s The Governor, will be in attendance at the New York Stalker Con, with Steven Yeun attending the Chicago Con.

It’s not uncommon for fans to dress up like their favorite zombie hunters, nor is it unheard of for hordes of zombies to roam the streets after the convention’s events, giving pause to even the bravest of men.

For more information on where Walker Stalker Cons will be held this year, go to www.walkerstalkercon.com.

So even if you’re only hanging outside of Comic-Con 2014 with throngs of cosplayers, you can have a heckuva time finding other conventions to fit your fancy.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Preview Night: a peek into this year’s awesome

by Andrea Verdin, Chief Wordsmith

It’s about that time again. San Diego’s posh and chic hotels and restaurants are filled with people dressed in capes, cloaks and masks. Comic Con has come again, and it’s time to celebrate. Closet nerds like myself are ready to come out in full force, and since this is the time that big media companies are flaunting their biggest and best products for the upcoming year, attendees are chomping at the bit to see what is in store for the upcoming year. You could barely tell that this was Preview Night, it was so crowded with fans. While people hadn’t dressed up too much, you could tell who would be ready to go the rest of the weekend.

Since Karina and I got invited in for the fun, we went to Preview NIght to see what the big fuss is going to be in 2012-2013. We weren’t disappointed.

Iron Man 3
Even though it was only Preview Night, people were swarming to see what Iron Man had to offer. The metal man’s suits were in full display,  and people were dying to get any free swag that they could from this particular booth. All night long, people cheered, chanted and danced along with the Iron Man crew, all for the chance at a shirt and a picture. It’ll be fun to see if this booth has a few surprises waiting for us throughout this weekend.

People fight for a chance to win free Iron Man 3 shirts


South Park

A woman opts to give herself red hair in South Park land

This booth never fails to please the crowds. The South Park School had opportunities for guests to create the South Park versions of themselves, in addition to a chance to see what the new video from the South Park team would look like. Looks like the crew has been hard at work.

The Hobbit booth towers over guests at Comic Con

The Hobbit
Easily one of the most talked about movies of the upcoming year, The Hobbit was in full force at the Con, with one large and beautiful booth with 3-D posters to enjoy. There was also Lord of the Rings characters sprinkled about, showing which of the most favorite characters from the previous trilogy will make a reappearance in the new prequel.

Walking Dead
People are dying to see what’s in store with the new Walking Dead season, coming out in October 2013. Zombies are crawling all over Comic Con this year, and with the Zombie Walk, the Walking Dead’s 100th comic book coming out this year and the Walking Dead turning Petco Park into the Zombie Apocalypse, there is plenty for the undead to do. You have to love the chance to make yourself look like a rotting corpse, and a ton of chances for you to see what’s in store from this powerhouse.

Videogames, toys and art

Our Karina freaks out at the Deviant Art booth

Even if the large production companies bringing in movies and TV shows, Comic Con’s heart is still in the little stuff. New videogames, toys and art from new companies are still abounding at the Con. You can find something for everyone still, so you don’t have to worry about being bored at this event. At the very least, you can stop by the new Assassin’s Creed or WOW booths to play a little as you try to recharge your batteries. If you are more artistically inclined, check out the new Deviant Art’s display, which allows you to draw directly onto inDesign with a fancy tablet. Karina spent a good ten minutes drooling over her (hopefully) Christmas present.

Obviously, there’s going to be a lot going on this year at the Con, but between the panels, the start sightings, and the geeking out, you have to take a moment to enjoy the best part of the event: costumes! See you there!