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Glen Ivy Hot Springs for some serious soulful rejuvenation

 by Nadia Ibanez, Chief Scribbler

Photo courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Getting dirty in the best possible way

It’s no joke that people call traveling a hobby. With all of that packing, unpacking, walking the streets of expansive neighborhoods, chatting it up with boutique owners, trying on clothes, and gorging on some stellar food, traveling is definitely a contact sport. Sometimes a woman just needs a day to relax and unwind from a trip, or maybe just make a day with the ladies to celebrate putting our latest magazine issues to bed.


Andrea and I decided to get a little muddy – and a lot relaxed – at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California. While the area is known for its motocross riders and industrial parks that seem to be scattered all over the place, Corona has its own gem in the form of mineral pools, lush greenery, relaxation pools, delicious grub and so much more in an oasis in the middle of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

We started out the day with a tour and got to see nearly every nook of the hot springs. With more than a half dozen pools, massage villages, outdoor yoga, private cabanas, and so much more, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is perfect for a day of with your girlfriends, your mom, and even your boyfriend.

I suggest you start the day with a soak in the natural mineral baths. While the warm waters may be a little funky in your nose, the springs offer healing agents that are absorbed through your skin. After about 15 or 20 minutes in the 104° waters, walk over to Club Mud where you’re encouraged to slap on some red clay mud that will absorb impurities, help exfoliate dead skin cells, and tighten and revitalize your skin.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Set some personal time aside at Glen Ivy

Trust me, you’ll want to let out a little holler because you’ll look like an Amazonian woman straight out of the rain forest. I told Andrea we need to bring feather headdresses the next time we go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs to really complete the look.

Once the mud dries, it’ll become powdery so you can brush most of it off with your towel. Make sure to enter into their quasi-outdoor showers to wash off the rest of the mud with Glen Ivy’s own lavender-scented shower gel. The mud might stain, so make sure you don’t bring your new, favorite white teeny bikini.


Do yourself a favor and check out the site’s monthly deals and you could find some great discounts on Glen Ivy’s seasonal treatments. I’d opt for a massage or rejuvenating body treatment. Or do what Andrea did and sign up for an 80-minute Watsu treatment where a massage therapist helps you flow through the water in a private Jacuzzi to wash away your stressful woes.

Make sure you make an appointment beforehand at The Grotto, a seriously rad spa experience that I haven’t seen in my many years of spa scouring. You’ll take an elevator underground to the granite Grotto where a spa attendant will brush on a thick, aloe-vera based concoction that is aimed and moisturizing your tired skin. You’ll sit in a sort of humidor for about 15 minutes where youre skin sucks up all of the goodness from the lime green sludge. Wash it all off before entering a cool mist chamber while sipping on some tea and noshing on a fresh green apple. I’d recommend planning a date with the Grotto toward the end of your spa day as you won’t want to wash off your body to get the full effect.

Do yourself a favor and don’t pass up on a visit to The Grotto

If you ever find yourself traveling through San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles, do yourself a favor and spend a day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Your body will definitely thank you.

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