Basecamp's Great Indoors Room

Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe is for the Adventurous Spirit

Written by Nadia Ibanez, Photos courtesy of Basecamp Hotel

By now, you’re probably well aware that Team Wander is pretty wild and adventurous. From trips to water parks in TJ, to running through monster and zombie infested mazes, we love everything under-the-radar and off-the-grid — and slightly dangerous. That being said, we kept hearing about the Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe and we knew we had to learn more.

Inside the Lobby at Basecamp
Basecamp’s Great Indoors Room

The new, completely-renovated boutique hotel is designed for the outdoor explorer who enjoys all of the nearby recreational activities and needs a modern space to hang their gear and rest their heads, all while taking advantage of their rad amenities. Warm and inviting communal areas, roof-top hot tubs, an intimate lobby bar, pet-friendly rooms, family-style meals, and so much more. My favorite perks? The Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe’s Great Indoors room has a canvas tent and glow-in-the-dark stars to illuminate the space and the weekly GoPro movie night.
Founder Christian Strobel opened Basecamp earlier in 2012 and has received several rave reviews. Using energy-efficient resources, the hotel aims to respect natural resources and the community in which it is a part of. Guests can expect complimentary breakfast and coffee each morning to provide fuel for their excursions. Depending on which night you’re staying, the seasonal dinner menu could include a whole series of mountain-inspired meals like Tahoe Mountain Chili or Swiss fondue. And during the winter, the lobby bar offers a hot chocolate hour featuring their signature Basecamp orange hot chocolate and other artisan mixtures.

Breakfast at Basecamp

The hotel boasts 50 guestrooms with amenities like hypoallergenic comforters, a gear rack, energy bars, fireplaces in some rooms, and unique artwork from artist Wendy MacNaughton, among others. For the travelers on a budget, the Explorer Room is equipped with eight bunks, which can be purchased throughout the season. The room is shared with others who are participating, creating a hostel-like experience with the comforts of a boutique hotel.

The Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe is just a five minute walk to the lake and one block from the Heavenly gondola. Outdoor activities are available all year long like hiking, snowboarding, ziplining, stand up paddleboarding, fly fishing, and more.

Everything about Basecamp is right up our alley for our next Norcal adventure. For more information, visit

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