Folsom Street Fair celebrates more than just leather

Folsom Street Fair 2015
Harnesses, feathers and pecs were out in full force at Folsom Street Fair

Written by Nadia Ibanez, photos by Kevin Kelleher

Disclaimer: This entry is NSFW nor is it safe for readers who are prudish, uber conservative, homophobic, close-minded and uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

Folsom Street, Dore Alley
Folsom Street Fair spans across 13 city blocks and a ton of alleys

Everyday I’m learning more and more about this amazing city. San Francisco is for tech nerds, people who want to make waves in their career and for those who innately add an amazing energy to the environment around them. It’s also for people seeking a place and community sans judgement. This past weekend’s Folsom Street Fair celebrates just that, along with “freaks” and fetish lovers at the world’s biggest leather festival.

I’m in love…at Folsom Street Fair.

Let it be known that my circle of friends think I’m the wild and crazy, free-spirited nerd. I find myself in weird situations and find the most interesting and hilarious opportunities to find the story. So it makes perfect sense that I spent my Sunday afternoon immersed among public flogging stages, leather whips, harnesses, chains and beautiful people in body paint and in the flesh.

ICYMI, here are some shots from Folsom Street Fair courtesy of my crazy talented friend, Kevin Kelleher. If you live in SF and need a photographer for your headshots, event, or anything in between, holler at him here.



Care for a public flogging?


Whether you’re into jocks, lipstick, bears, twinks, butch, or drag queens, Folsom Street Fair attracts them all.




Folsom Street Fair isn’t for everyone, that’s a given. But rather it’s a safe place for those who celebrate their alternative lifestyle and self expression. Couples, strangers, lovers and lusters — Folsom Street Fair accepts everyone.

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  1. Stantion I says:

    Outstanding, crisp and concise review and to the point. Kind, caring, and funny read with the images ordered in a storytelling way.

    Aye, Bravo…y que bueno!


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