Mac Daddy in Potrero: Go for the mac and cheese, stay for the fried chicken

Garlic Mac topped with Fried Chicken Tenders
Garlic Mac topped with Fried Chicken Tenders

Written by and photos by Nadia Ibanez

Up until very recently, I paid an insane amount of attention to everything I was eating and how much exercise I was doing. After years of poking and prodding at my own belly fat and the size of my legs and thighs, I finally learned to accept my body and build as it is. Gone were the days of counting calories and today, I can finally detach the feeling of guilt while indulging in a beautifully-crafted, indulgent meal.

Potrero Hill’s new restaurant, Mac Daddy, would have given me serious chills back in the day – with their decadent mac and cheese dishes and famous fried chicken (more on that later). But alas, my girlfriend and I attempted to order everything off the menu on a recent San Francisco summer evening.

Potrero Hill isn’t a neighborhood I usually frequent, but there is some awesome food coming out of this area. Opened in May 2016 as the city’s first mac and cheese-focused restaurant, Mac Daddy has 12 different cheesy ways to pack in the calories on their menu. And let’s not forget the salads, soups, sides and main dishes also available on the list.

Owner Jocelyn Bulow enlisted the culinary help from Chef Brandon Peacock, who has roots in places like MUA in Oakland and Chapeau Bistro in SF. Chef Peacock even took his fried chicken to market when he appeared and WON a Fried Chicken Challenge on Food Network’s Chopped.

Mac Daddy is a small space, but its kitchen still packs a punch. Grab a seat at the counter or a spot outside on one of these very freak summer nights. You can start off your meal with a salad, ranging from a Cobb to a Kale Salad. But if you want to just go for it, minus the roughage, order up a few plates for the table.

Mac Daddy's fried chicken
Mac Daddy’s fried chicken
Fried Chicken on a bed of collared greens.
Fried Chicken on a bed of collared greens.

After hearing about Chef Peacock’s win on Chopped, we had to try it for ourselves. Go for the Fried Chicken meal, which comes with collard greens and a side of the Classic Mac Daddy. The chicken really was the winner of the night and had the right amount of crispiness and spices. We also ordered the Garlic Mac, with garlic butter, roasted garlic, gouda and pecorino, along with the Short Rib Mac, with mushrooms, rosemary and Mt.Tam Blue Cheese topped with crispy onion strings.

Mac Daddy's Short Rib Mac
Mac Daddy’s Short Rib Mac

These dishes are enormous and luscious all on their own. But if you’re one who likes to mess with perfection, you have plenty of options. All of the mac and cheese dishes can be made with gluten free pasta and can be customized in a ton of ways. Feel like adding some chorizo, guanciale, or fried chicken on top of or in your mac? They can do that. Trying to get some veggies into your pasta? They have a whole list of them that you can add in. Thinking about experimenting with some other cheeses? They can add cheeses like a truffle brie, Roquefort, or an aged goat cheese into the mix.

Mac Daddy broccollini
If you really want some greens at Mac Daddy, go for the Broccollini.

And if your meal wasn’t complete enough, go for a side of Chile Lime Corn or Oven Roasted Broccolini with black garlic for some balance. If you have the space, which we definitely did not, the dessert menu has pies and cake to soothe your sweet tooth.

Mac Daddy is definitely something for your radar when you’re looking for a hearty meal and a change of scenery. From the adorable counter seating, to the fried chicken and carb/cheese overload, this is a place you can feel good about waddling out of. For more information, visit

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