RiSE Festival 2014

RiSE Lantern Festival 2014 Lifts Spirits in the Mojave Desert

August has greeted us, and we are wrapping up all of our summer plans and looking forward to our end of the year excitement. Before we jump into the holidays, why not have a once in a lifetime experience? You can join thousands in the beautiful Mojave Desert for the inaugural RiSE Lantern Festival 2014 on October 18.

RiSE Lantern Festival 2014

At dusk on October 18, thousands will flock to the desert to reflect on dreams, hopes, and aspirations, releasing them to the skies in the shape of lanterns. The simple beauty of each lantern represents a hope, a dream, a new leaf, or a forgotten wish coming together to form something beautiful.

Together, 10,000 attendees will launch 20,000 lanterns into the Mojave Desert sky, just outside Las Vegas at Jean Dry Lakebed. Shuttles will pick up guests from the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the Gold Strike Casino and the gravel lot.

With the purchase of a ticket, attendees will receive an individual bamboo ground mat, two sky lanterns and one ground lantern.  During the first hour, guests have the chance to write personalized messages on each lantern while listening to live music, relaxing and enjoying some great food and wine available for purchase. An hour after sunset, RiSE culminates as everyone lights and releases their lanterns in unison, giving a collective voice to dreams, leaving each spectator with one unforgettable evening.

RiSE Festival 2014

Even if you choose to partake on this adventure alone, you’re bound to make friends. Each lantern will take 2 to 3 people to launch, so you’ll be able to share your hopes and prayers with others who have come to celebrate.

RiSE becomes more meaningful when you make your lanterns personal, so guests are encouraged to personalize each lantern with something special. Inscribe them with a message, prayer, or resolution. Guests will also be given the right type of markers to make sure lanterns aren’t damaged in the process.

“Each person’s lantern means something unique to them, but one thing we all share is a love for the planet,” said representative Jenna Rose. “That’s why it’s RiSE’s responsibility to leave no trace, and it’s a responsibility they take seriously. The wide-open nature of the event area makes conservation possible.  Because they’re able to retrieve between 98-100% of the lanterns, and because each lantern is 100% biodegradable, sustainability is something they achieve with every event.”

Additionally, RiSE purchases carbon offsets for every vehicle they use in the setup and cleanup of the festival, and they encourage participants to purchase carbon offsets for their travel to and from the festival.

Tickets for RiSE Lantern Festival 2014 are available for purchase at www.risefestival.com. There will be another taking place in Bali in November, but it’s invite only – will open to the public in 2015.

If you are looking for a supernatural adventure, get a chance to illuminate the sky with RiSE Festival this fall.

For more information, go to the RiSE Festival website, or visit their Facebook page and Instagram feed.


  1. Edith says:

    This is a great story told but the event was an epic fail!!! Thousands of people who paid got stuck in the cold desert. No organization and no transportation back. People waited hours in the dark and cold to get back to their cars. This was a disaster that even the cops were puzzled by!


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