Running from Zombies Through Petco Park at the Walking Dead Escape

By Nadia Ibanez, Photos by Adam Stuckey

Just your Typical Sight at the Walking Dead Escape
Just your Typical Sight at the Walking Dead Escape

We bid adieu to another successful year at Comic-Con in San Diego. Andrea and I both got a glimpse into the nerd and zombie infested convention floor and picked up a few comic-infused trinkets along the way. We got into a few after parties and movie premiers, but one of the coolest additions to the Con was The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park.

What a Beauty
What a Beauty

Prior to our wave time, we didn’t know what to expect upon entering the gates of the zombie-contaminated baseball park. The Escape was to simulate what would happen if there really was a zombie apocalypse. Once inside of the infestation, Petco Park narrowly resembled a real baseball park.

Way to Go, FEMA

TV screens near bathrooms and food vendors that usually showed the live stream of the Padres game was showing mock news footage of San Diego under siege and how the community was reacting to the apocalypse. The zombies looked like something out of the movies and their gaping wounds were almost too much to look at.

There were a couple ropes courses that you had to maneuver your way through to get into a safe zone and participants were encouraged to run through stairways, ramps, barricades, and other pathways that may or may not have a few zombies hiding around the corner. While I was petrified before starting the race, my screams subsided and I couldn’t help but laugh when a zombie started grabbing for me with red-stained corn syrup hands.

A Zombie Hammock

The Walking Dead Escape brought in hoards of thrill seekers and everyone else who wanted to practice their zombie-fighting skills. We’re not sure where the Escape will end up next, but keep an ear out for other ways to prep for the apocalypse. For more information, visit

The Walking Dead Escape 2012 San Diego Comicon from Jean-Paul Bonjour on Vimeo.