V Elements is a yoga and music party set in Liberty Station, Point Loma.

V Elements Festival Hits San Diego on April 5 at Liberty Station

Written by Nadia Ibanez, Photos courtesy of V Elements

V Elements is a yoga and music party set in Liberty Station, Point Loma.

As someone who’s practiced yoga for almost seven years, I have a true appreciation for the uniting tradition. When I walk into my yoga studio, I feel a sense of community as I stretch, move and breathe to find my true self. When I’m feeling stressed, tired, confused, or sad, I head straight to my mat for clarity, peace of mind and to shake off the negative. I recently heard about the V Elements (pronounced Five Elements) Festival and couldn’t be more excited about this new outdoor yoga and music event.

In its second year, the solar-powered yoga and music party will attract thousands of locals to the grassy fields within Liberty Station in Point Loma. Local yoga instructors, DJs, bands and artists will convene to share their work and spirit with like-minded yogis in our city. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to cover this one-day event on April 5, 2014.

Take a seat under the solar-powered stage at V Elements, San Diego.

There’s nothing like doing yoga outside in a park, on the beach, or among hundreds of strangers. If I know anything about how much yogis love practicing with the community to live music under the sun, V Elements will surely be unforgettable. The event promises a day full of classes led by national yoga instructors, workshops, performance artists and the musical stylings of Emancipator Live Ensemble, Orgone and more.

The festival will focus on balancing the five elements: earth, wind, fire, water and space. Take a walk through the event space and you’ll see these elements carried through in the form of yoga, music, community, art, health and environment.

Here’s what you can expect at V Elements 2014.

If you’re in the area, come for a day full of meaningful practice and an evening full of some awesome electronic, hip hop, funk and world music. For more information, visit www.velementsfest.com.

See you there!


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